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We are Nicole & Jason, a husband and wife photography team based in Richmond, Virginia. At our core we are storytellers who are passionate about Jesus, marriage, family, and documenting love. 
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Choose an Experience

Feb 28, 2018

Welcome to Wedding Wednesday, and our brand new blog series!  This is our little place in the world where we plan to regularly introduce new topic’s related to wedding photography, wedding planning and other tips/tricks for the bride-to-be.  Some of these blogs will be written by myself, some written by Morgan (my right hand), and some will be written by amazing wedding industry friendors (my sweet vendor friends)!  So if you are planning your dream wedding (or just love all things WEDDING!) then welcome and I hope you will visit the blog often!

To start us off right…today I will be chatting about experience.

As you’re planning your wedding, I know there are times when you’ll feel overwhelmed. Hopefully you + your fiance can communicate to talk through the big things, but certainly small things might pop up that leave you feeling deflated.

It’s going to be at those times that you realize how important it is to work with GREAT people for your wedding! I’m speaking in terms of creatives + vendors you hire, aside from helpful family + friends. What you want + need is vendors who fully understand your needs, know how to speak with you + treat you (with respect!), and acknowledge how valuable your time is! You’re a busy bride (or groom), and that alone is lots on your plate, in addition to work, having a social life, and the list goes on.

My absolute best advice is to choose an entire experience instead of a vendor. Work with people who understand you, speak your language, and respond to you quickly. Choose someone who is helpful + can make relevant recommendations as you plan your special day (or work with your planner in that respect). Someone who is willing to go that extra mile for you + your fiance. Someone who gives you outstanding customer service. Someone who your personality meshes really well with.



That comfortable feeling + positive experience will directly effect your mood on your wedding day! For example, we all have that one friend that got married, and while they were planning, could never get a hold of a certain vendor. Phone calls went unanswered, maybe even emails, too. Your friend was left feeling hopeless + frustrated — she was so busy planning + needed quick communication. This is exactly what I don’t want to happen to you!

Do what feels right in your gut; choose the better experience. Please don’t settle for anything less than you deserve, and if the price of a vendor seems too good to be true, it probably is, and your entire experience might suffer. I’ve heard from friends + acquaintances more times that I can count that they were disappointed by certain vendors for their wedding.

You deserve better. You deserve an amazing, seamless experience leading up to your wedding day, as well as on the day itself. Choose your vendors based on a friendly + comfortable connection, not just because your cousin’s wife’s friend (etc.) knows them and they’re affordable. If you feel in your gut that there might be some red flags or that you might run into a bump in the road with someone, you might be right. Usually our gut feelings are there for a reason. Trust yours + enjoy your experience planning your wedding day — your first day of marriage is just one day, but your vendor choices can make all the difference in making it a beautiful + memorable day!



I am going to start with the easiest conceptual wedding element I can think of… your reception.  The music is playing, everyone is happy from noshing on hors d’oeuvres & light conversation…and then what?

This is where your “Entertainment” comes in play.  You may think that a wedding DJ is someone who just plays the music at your reception…but the truth of the matter is, your wedding DJ plays a much bigger role in the overall experience your guest receive at your wedding reception.

Your DJ is not just someone standing behind a table playing music.  They are the emcee of your party.  They control the atmosphere of nearly 4 hours of your wedding day.  They should be knowledgeable in the flow of wedding day events- bridal party and bride/groom introductions, cueing toasts, when to direct guests to cake cutting, how and when the bouquet/garter toss will happen and keeping the energy of the room going all night long.  Putting a microphone in someone’s hand is a big responsibility and should not be taken lightly.

Knowing that the DJ will play an important part in the overall success of your event, why would you hire someone who you didn’t feel comfortable with? The wedding vendors you hire to help you on such an important day should give you a good feeling and should, ideally also work well together. You don’t have to be best friends with your florist or caterer – as long as their work speaks for itself, they know their stuff, and are capable + eager to help make your day spectacular. That said, I would still suggest hiring vendors that have good personalities that you mesh with.

If you notice, there is no mention of price shopping. I can’t tell you how many clients come to our website, fill out our contact form, send us an e-mail or respond to an e-mail we have sent them and the client asks one question: “how much do you charge?” Immediately this tells me the prospective client either doesn’t know how to hire a wedding vendor or doesn’t care about making a real connection. Knowing how much a vendor costs is important – but not more important than knowing if you have the right fit for you and your wedding!



You are reading this article . . . So I know you care & I’m going to say it again: Experience is the KEY to the wedding of your dreams!  You could be in the middle of a snow storm, but if your wedding photographer is calming, has a plan, and you have total confidence in them… you know you will have dreamy images no matter the weather.  Schedule a meeting with prospective vendors, pick their brains and get to know them before you commit to allowing this person to be in a position that can affect the experience you and your guests have on your wedding day.

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